Sites of Ju Mohor Monastery

Ju Mipham Shedra

Ju Mohor Monastery recently initiated a Shedra programme in partnership with Larung Gar Institute. Called the Ju Mipham Shedra after the great scholar who grew up at the monastery, students of Buddhist philosophy will be able to gain a Khenpo degree accredited by Larung Gar.

To help the local community, it will also provide basic training in Tibetan literacy and numeracy and higher language studies in Chinese, Tibetan and basic English. This will form the foundation for three different streams of opportunity.

  • Stream A will provide for vocational training and business studies.
  • Stream B will provide scholarships for Tibetan nomad children with the right propensity to progress to higher education in the Chinese education system.
  • Stream C will offer higher buddhist philosophical studies, including its relationship with modern science.

Many of the teachers at the Ju Mipham Shedra will be from Larung Gar Institute, one of the most important centres of Tibetan Buddhist learning in China. Inspired by Ju Mohor’s close association with Mipham Rinpoche, the great 19th century Buddhist scholar, Larung Gar has agreed to provide this support to the Ju Mipham Shedra.

As a result of this partnership, students of Buddhist philosophy at the Ju Mipham Shedra will be able to gain a Khenpo degree accredited by Larung Gar.

Larung Gar Buddhist Institute

Larung GarThe Ju Mipham Shedra is being founded in partnership with the Larung Gar Institute. This is the largest Buddhist learning centre in Tibet, with over 10,000 monks, nuns and laypeople studying there.

It was founded by the great master Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche in 1980 near the town of Serthar in East Tibet. Since that time, it has been instrumental in the resurgence of Buddhist teaching that has happened in East Tibet. Many hundreds of students have completed their Khenpo degree and gone on to teach at monasteries and nunneries throughout Tibet, India and throughout the world.